Alex Carr Johnson

Ahoy! Alex, here.

It looks like we might be stuck alone on this island for a while, so might as well make ourselves comfortable.  I’ll go first:

I believe in the scientific method.  And evolution.  I believe in massive global change–including global warming.  I believe in the power of narrative within the human mind, and I believe in the power of the human mind to re-create our world. I believe in the great unknown, that holds within its dimly lit grasp so much hope.

The sciences that most excite me include: ecology (all of them, but large landscape in particular), evolution (all of them, but behavioral in particular), conservation, and cosmology.  Geology is pretty cool, too.  And quantum physics.

I am a writer, conservationist, restorationist, and adventurer. This website is meant for me to share what I find with you. And for you to respond. Or at least, for you to go out into the world with a bit of me with you. So explore. Take some risks. And then maybe send me a line.


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